Our COVID-19 Safety Measures 

Updated: July 25, 2022


Due to recent and ongoing changes regarding COVID-19 in our community, we've updated some of our policies in accordance with county guidelines and recommendations. These measures apply to all CCM programs and are subject to change as the scope of COVID-19 continues to spread.

These measures are in place to protect everyone in our community and ensure that we have the best (and safest) year possible!  We ask families to use their best judgment to keep our community safe. If you think your teen has symptoms, please have them stay home.

Updated Covid Policy for Mifgash

1. Daily Antigen Covid Testing: All teen participants and staff need to have a negative Covid test before getting on the bus every day. Please report all test results to the Contra Costa Midrasha office as soon as they are ready to office@ccmidrasha.com.

2. Health Screen: ALL Mifgash participants need to do a health screen each morning. Are you feeling healthy? Do you have a fever? Is your throat itchy or scratchy? If you are symptomatic, please stay home that day and quarantine so that no one else gets sick.

3. Masking: Mifgash participants (teens and staff) will remain masked while indoors, on the bus, or in crowded outdoor spaces. We will eat meals outdoors. When on hikes or in not crowded outdoor spaces participants can take off their masks. CCM has KN95 masks to share if you don't have them with you.

4. Vaccines are required to participate and participants need to have a copy of their vaccination record either on their phone or printed out and carried with them as a few of the places we visit require proof of them. Please e-mail to office@ccmidrasha.com.


Test Kits: 

CCM has ample Antigen test kits and they can be picked up from our office at B'nai Tikvah or Midrasha staff at the end of each day of Mifgash, any day this week or Wednesday night at the welcome dinner.


What do I do if a Mifgash participant tests positive for COVID-19? 

● Stay home: the participant must quarantine for at least 5 days regardless of vaccination status. 

● IF after day 5, the participant is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and their other symptoms have improved, they may return to Mifgash. They must wear a well-fitting mask during all activities until 10 full days after testing positive. 

● IF the participant continues to have symptoms, they must stay home and can end quarantine after 10 days. 


Close contacts: If a Mifgash participant is a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19: 

● IF the participant does not show any symptoms, they may return to Mifgash but must wear a well-fitted mask and be tested 5 days after the exposure with either an antigen or PCR test. Test results must be reported to the Midrasha office (office@ccmidrasha.com) as soon as they are ready. 

● IF at any point the Mifgash participant exhibits symptoms, they must stay home and follow the procedures outlined above.

COVID Protocols: Wednesdays

  • Vaccines are required to attend, boosters preferred.

  • Masks will be worn at all times: Inside or outside

  • Classrooms will maintain social distancing 

  • Eating will be outside only, separated.

  • Families will sign weekly verification of symptoms - showing up healthy, non-symptomatic.

  • Windows will be kept open where possible.


COVID Protocols: Retreats

  • While on retreat, all attendees (and staff) are required to be *up to date with Covid-19 vaccines, no later than March 21st. Please make sure your teen's most recent vaccine cards are up to date by emailing a pdf or jpg to brandon.varona@ccmidrasha.com, along with medical and code of conduct forms no later than March 21st.   * Per CDC guidelines, “Up to Date” is defined as having a booster shot if it has been more than 5 months since the original vaccine series.

  • Teens will be required to wear masks during all activities, except while eating, drinking, and sleeping.  If the weather permits, we will eat meals outside.  

  • Teens who are feeling ill the day of the retreat are kindly asked not to attend.  Teens will have to fill out a health screen within 8 hours of arrival at the bus.

  • Please note: Like the school districts and the airlines, we are asking all participants and staff to show up at the busses on Friday afternoon with a negative Antigen Covid test.  To facilitate this, testing kits will be available at all bus locations on Friday, or parents can send a negative test result to office@ccmidrasha.com which has been done 24 hours prior to bus pick up times.

  • After passing the negative test, teens will be allowed to take off their masks while in their cabins.  Cabins will be limited to 6-8 teens plus 1-2 educators per cabin to limit potential Covid exposure.

  • If a teen cannot attend the retreat at the last minute due to health reasons, funds will be refunded to families (or your retreat account) minus a $25 admin fee.​