Isaac Maier: 

Grade: 12th Grade

Elective: Senior Schmooze

Veronica Siegel

Grade: 11th Grade

Elective: Tea Time & Movies

Tamar Zaken

Grade: 11th Grade

Julia Babka-Kurzrock

Grade: 9th Grade

Elective: Art
Elective: Quarantine Cooking

Brandon Heller: 

Grade: 12th Grade

Brandon Varona: 

Grade: 9th Grade
Elective: Improv & Games

Sarah Romov: 

Grade: 8th Grade
Elective: Tea Time & Movies


Contra Costa Midrasha's programming consists of three key components:

  1. Weekly Wednesday night sessions include:
    Core classes with students in the same grade level
    Electives with students of varying grade levels, taught on a variety of topics


  2. Retreat Weekends at Redwood Glen with teens from all over the East Bay.

  3. Special Events and Programs, including once a month Sunday workshops, trips out of the country, social events on weekends and leadership and social action opportunities. CCM also hosts vital community Jewish teen programs:

- Hamsa Fund: the East Bay’s Jewish Teen Philanthropy Board

- Better Together: Intergenerational Connections.

- Project Ezrach: Social Justice Through Advocacy and Volunteering.

For more information about CCM's programs click on the links above, or contact the CCM office with questions at 925/9244-4701 or via e-mail at

Core/1st Hour:

First Hour at Contra Costa Midrasha is CORE class for Midrasha students. These classes, taught at all Midrasha campuses, contain rich, substantive materials designed to engage your brain and your heart into connecting with who you are as a jew and as a person.  Students are assigned to these classes, according to their grade.

"As a Jewish teen, it's important to have Midrasha.  I want to feel Jewish, be a part of that community and learn more about being Jewish.  That is what Midrasha has given me." - Melania Winslow, Class of 2014

8th Grade: Global Judaism/Community or Edah

CCM’s goals with 8th graders is to bond them as a community and to help them think about the broader community of Jews across the globe.  The year is split in thirds.  The first third is focused on building community amongst and amidst the teens.  The second section focuses on differing ideas of Identity. The third part, interspersed through the year is celebrating Jewish holidays, but with a global Jewish lens. At the end of the year teens can articulate a sense of their own Jewish identity, the connection to the teens in the class and knowledge about Jewish communities across the globe.


9th Grade:  Etgar Core Class = Hillel’s Golden Rule

The Etgar (“challenge”) curriculum focuses on aspects of Jewish identity, from self-perception and personal observance to interpersonal relations, communal diversity and responsibility.  In 2021-22 CCM partnered with Franny Silverman of Imani Strategies to rebuild these materials around Hillel’s Golden Rule - starting out with a sense of self, a sense of community and how to bring those two ideas together to take some action in our community.  The main goals of the year are to continue deepening the connections between teens, also to broaden their personal sense of self in relationship with others.


10th Grade:  Kesher Aleph Core Class = Israel

This class continues to build the Jewish teen community begun in 8th and 9th grades.  The focus of the curriculum is to understand Israel and each teen’s individual connection with Israel,  by studying its people, culture, history, politics and current social issues.  Course material includes Israeli movies, poetry, prose, historical documents, newspaper articles, maps and other primary sources.  Important to this year is having a educators with a deep connection with Israel and when possible, an Israeli educator - usually a Shinshin intern through the Jewish Agency. CCM also aims for teens to participate in their Mifgash program.


11th Grade: Core Class = Rodef Shalom

Junior year is known as the hardest year academically for today’s teens.  To help teens cope with the stress of that year, CCM offers its “Rodef Shalom” or “Pursuing Peace” curriculum. Created by a former Midrasha educator who is a therapist, these materials aim to teach teens a variety of tools and strategies to create calm and destress themselves.  The class creates a weekly sense of peace and connection through meditations, talk therapy and relevant Jewish texts and ideas.


12th Grade Core Class = Building a Bridge Between High School and College

Seniors often struggle with the transition towards college. Yes, there is a lot of focus on writing essays and visiting campuses, but Midrasha’s senior year for its teens asks teens to work on the inner parts of the transition.  How will they build community, take care of themselves, watch their finances, eat Shabbat dinner, cope with conflict?  Each month seniors consider one of these themes and then take a field trip that embodies them. In their last year with CCM, we aim to create a shelter for our teens to imagine how they will live and create their own lives starting in college.

Electives/2nd Hour:

Tea Time and Movies with Veronica

Art with Julia and Rory

Israeli Cooking with Shir


Improv & Games With Brandon


Senior Shmooze/Workshop with Isaac Maier (for SENIORS only)
Gives seniors a chance to ask questions, think about college choices and get a chance to blow off some steam during this challenging year.  Come ready with questions you want answered.