CCM's Hanukkah 2020/5781 Adopt a Family (in partnership with Shalom Bayit)

Greetings! Every year Contra Costa Midrasha adopts a family for the holiday season.  We do this through our partnership with Shalom Bayit.  (You can visit them here: This is part of CCM's commitment to the Jewish value of tikkun olam or repairing the world.

Shalom Bayit is a Bay Area organization that provides counseling and advocacy services to survivors of abuse and works to eradicate domestic violence in the Jewish community. "Adopt-a-Family" is an annual program that makes a real difference in the lives of Shalom Bayit's clients. In addition to providing material assistance, these contributions give survivors and their children hope and a feeling of community during a time in their lives when challenges abound and isolation is common. That is all the more true now, during the pandemic.

About the family: Mia has teenage twins from her first marriage. Sadly, her first husband passed away when they were young. Mia started seeing her second husband 4 years ago and their relationship became abusive after they got married. The abuse escalated after Mia got pregnant and she fled her home in June after a particularly violent incident that put her unborn child at risk. After three months in an emergency shelter, Mia found a job and secured a studio apartment with the help of a grant from Shalom Bayit. She is participating in our support groups and getting counseling while rebuilding her life with her twins and her new healthy baby boy.

Due to COVID precautions, we're doing things a bit differently this year. Instead of buying, wrapping and dropping off gifts, Shalom Bayit is encouraging the purchase of gift cards. That will keep everyone home and out of stores, including the clients in case they need to return an item. The links below will take you to Amazon and Target gift cards that are sent by U.S. Mail. We can not accept digital gift cards or e-cards. Shalom Bayit is recommending these stores because they're the two that are most requested by the survivors. 

Please follow these instructions carefully to send your gift by December 9th:

Delivery address:

Shalom Bayit

P.O. Box 2883

Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 845-8874

AMAZON: Amazon Gift Cards

Please select "add gift options" before adding the card(s) to your cart. Add your name and "CC Midrasha" so they will appear on the packing slip.

TARGET: Target Gift Cards

- This page defaults to $100 but you can choose Custom Value or one of the other buttons with preset amounts. 

- Make sure you select "Mail" at the bottom of the screen before you add the card to your cart. Otherwise it defaults to "Mobile" as the delivery method.

- Select "My order includes a gift". This makes Gift Options appear so you can add your name and "CC Midrasha".

Date: 12/09/2020 (Wed.)


Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm PST


Location: B'nai Tikvah - Walnut Creek, CA