Board of Directors


Marija Bleier, President

Ishai Crane, Vice-President

Sarah Romov, Secretary

Randall Gross, Treasurer

Gaston Bernstein


Anna Bethlahmy


Ken Bleier


Allison Brenner


Elliot Goldstein


Maheesh Jain 


Sarah Karatov


Yuliya Korentsvit


Debbie Raphael


Shira Weiss-Ishai, Student Representative

Devra Aarons, Executive Director

Stephanie Lee, Bookkeeper

Natalie Connell - Retreat Coordinator 

Brandon Varona, Program and Marketing Coordinator

Julia Babka-Kurzrock -

Programs Director - Mifgash & Better Together

Sarah Romov - 8th Grade

Brandon Varona - 9th Grade

Julia Babka-Kurzrock - 10th Grade

Tamar Zaken & Veronica Siegel

- 11th Grade

Brandon Heller & Isaac Maier

- 12th Grade

Welcome to Our New Shinshinim

Shir will be joining us during her gap year to work with our teens on Wednesday nights to build deeper connections, teach about Israel, and create lifelong memories.


During her stay, Shir will be living with host families for up to 4 months at a time.


If you're able and interested in hosting our awesome Shinshinim you can contact Liat Shapira at (669)246-2208