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Bringing Midrasha Teens & Senior Citizens In The Community Together

Are you looking for ways to make a difference in our community? Teens and senior citizens from the East Bay who are members of our partner synagogues cultivate friendships and meaningful connections.

Midrasha's Better Together (B'yachad) intergenerational program is a hevruta (partnership) program between senior citizens and teens in our community. Better Together builds these connections through Jewish identity and heritage. This program is a journey and a powerful way to change the world through shared learning and growth. 

Join us this year to connect, grow, and laugh.

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Step 1:
Prepare Before Each Meeting

Teens will meet briefly before each intergenerational session to prep and discuss what they'd like to get out of and contribute during the session (about 30 minutes).  We want each teen to be intentional and present with the senior citizens, so this prep time is crucial.

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Step 2:
Have Meaningful Experiences With Elders


During these meetings, teens and senior citizens come together and utilize a variety of Jewish texts and resources that spark a meaningful discussion. This is an opportunity for teens to learn from another generation's perspective.

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Step 3:
Leave With New Perspectives & Friendships

Not only do teens learn from the senior citizens, make new friends, and walk away with new perspectives and insights, but they also gain community service hours  toward community service requirements.

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Gain Community Service Hours

If you are in need of service hours, then this is a great opportunity for you to fulfill them. This project gives you hours toward community service requirements. 

“Better Together broadens our capacity for empathy and cultivates a greater understanding of older generations.”

Averie Bleier

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1 Meeting Per Month

Meet in person on Sunday afternoon or Monday evening according to your schedule.

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For 8th - 12th Graders

So that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this unique and meaningful opportunity

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Program Dates

Choose either:




September 10/11, 2023
October 22/23, 2023
November 5/6, 2022
December 10/11, 2023  
January 28/29, 2024
February 25/26, 2024
March 17/18, 2024
April 28/29, 2024
May 19/20, 2024 - Year End Celebration

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Program Cost

The program fee is $250 for teens/$180 for senior citizens to cover program materials and snacks at in-person events. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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Better Together

Have questions about the program? Contact Devra Aarons at to learn more!

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