CCM Reg 2022-23 Postcard


Early Bird Registration

is open through June!

Enroll your teen in CCM this month to receive a $36/teen discount off tuition.


CCM starts its Fall 2022 Semester on the following dates:

- August 31st = New Teen Orientation

- September 7th = CCM's 2022-23 Opening Night! 

CCM's 2022-23/5783 Year

Upcoming Events....

Midrasha's Summer Mifgash Program! 
Israeli teens from the Holtz Academy will be joining us in the Bay Area from July 27th - August 7th.  Spend the whole 10 days or just one day!


Hamsa Fund Registration is Open For All!
Are you interested in making a difference and learning about the world of fundraising and philanthropy and how it connects to Jewish values? Then join Hamsa Fund!

A Beautiful  Bay-Yachad Moment

Take a look at one of the many beautiful moments from our last retreat of the 2022  year

Midrasha at a Glance

WHO is welcome at Midrasha?

Teens, this is a GREAT time to invite a friend to join you or for any teen who hasn't been able to join us due to other commitments.  Just "drop" in!

Better Together:

Better Together is our intergenerational program where teens are paired with senior citizens from the community to connect and learn from one another. This program also informs teens about what it means to be a senior citizen in today's world. Volunteer hours are available for this cohort. Follow us on Instagram @bettertogetherinabox!

The Hamsa Fund:

(The East Bay's Jewish Teen Philanthropy Board) empowers teens to "be the change we want to see in the world."  Through monthly meetings, teens learn the 4-1-1 of philanthropy and tzedakah (justice), in order to choose a cause, raise money, and pick organizations to support through grant funds. Follow our journey on Instagram @hamsafund!

Project Ezrach:

Ezrach, meaning "citizen" in Hebrew aims to teach our teens "how to citizen". Our newest civic engagement program allows teens to pick an issue they are passionate about and learn how to advocate for it through education, advocacy, and service. Not to mention an end-of-cohort Spring Break Impact Learning Trip! Follow us on Instagram @projectezrach!


Midrasha retreats are the glue of our program.  Teens spend a Shabbat weekend in community meeting new Jewish friends from all over the Bay Area.  Enjoying nature with hikes, campfires and star-filled Havdalah celebrations.  After a weekend relaxing in pajamas, CCM teens only want more!



Mifgash (Encounter in Hebrew) is a 10 day program with Israeli teens, hosted by Midrasha teens. Summer Mifgash  interweaves Israeli & American teens with bus adventures throughout the Bay Area, whether on roller-coasters, combing beaches, exploring new technology or touring the Bay, teens bond & grow their Jewish identity. Join us: 29 July - Aug. 7, 2022! Follow us on instagram @mifgashmikim!

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