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Where Jewish teens are seen and heard

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What Is Midrasha?

Contra Costa Midrasha is the place to be on Wednesday nights for Jewish teens to have fun, relax, hang out with friends, learn new things and make a difference in a Jewish environment.


Meeting on Wednesday nights in Walnut Creek, teens have the opportunity to explore their Jewish identity and culture, participate in a wide variety of creative activities, and immerse themselves in a warm, welcoming, meaningful community. 

Aside from Wednesday nights, Midrasha also has fun weekend retreats and a series of programs called "Be The Change". Learn more about our programming below!

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Involved Teens

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Dedicated Staff Members

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Program Graduates

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This is NOT Your B'nai Mitzvah Training!

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Teens are often ready to take a break after working so hard for their bar or bat mitzvah, and the last thing they might want to do is jump into another form of Hebrew school.


We get it!


That’s why Midrasha is nothing like Hebrew school. Instead, CCM is all about having fun with friends, connecting to Jewish culture, exploring your own Jewish identity, and experiencing a wide variety of activities in a warm, safe community. 


Want to check it out?

Awesome! You’re welcome to register for Midrasha here any time throughout the year, or just drop in this Wednesday night. If you’re going to stop by and would like the details (address, time, etc), email us via the Contact button below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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"As a Jewish teen, it's important to have Midrasha.  I want to feel Jewish, be a part of that community and learn more about being Jewish.  That is what Midrasha has given me." 

- Melania W., CCM Graduate

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Our "Be The Change" Programs

Beyond our Wednesday night programming, we have three once-per-month programs that teens won't want to miss!


Impact Builder

Impact Builder is an opportunity for 8th-12th graders to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to advocate for issues they care about. With these new tools, they go out into the community to make a difference.


Better Together

The Better Together intergenerational program is a partnership program between senior citizens and teens in our community. The program is a journey and a powerful way to change the world through shared learning and growth.


Hamsa Fund

Hamsa Fund helps teens become changemakers. In the program, teens learn from non-profit leaders about various issues. They learn to become advocates, lobby local policy-makers, and commit to a sustained volunteer project to see change.

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Our Retreats

Midrasha teens who attend retreats build a stronger Jewish identity through friendship and fun. Teens spend the weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains celebrating Shabbat, hanging out, hiking, playing games, getting to know each other, and enjoying fun Saturday night activities where the highlight is always Havdalah, dancing and singing! Learn about our next upcoming retreat here.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can come to Midrasha? 

Jewish teens of all backgrounds, affiliations, and experiences are welcome to come to Midrasha. All who are interested in exploring Jewish culture and identity, learning about complex issues and giving back to the community are invited to join us at any time throughout the year. If you're interested in just popping in one evening to check it out and see if it's for you, that's completely fine!

What do you actually do at Midrasha on Wednesday nights? 

Great question! Weekly Wednesday night sessions include:
Core classes with students in the same grade level
Electives with students of varying grade levels, taught on a variety of topics

- Break time with donuts, snacks, and chill relaxing time with friends

Who runs Midrasha? How much does it cost?

Our fantastic Executive Director, Devra Aarons, is the master educator behind Midrasha's curriculum and year-round activities. The program is supported by a fantastic team of dedicated Jewish educators who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Learn about Midrasha's tuition by clicking on the "Registration" button in the section below.

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Why Is Your Logo a Pineapple? 🍍

In many cultures, pineapples are a sign of hospitality, and hospitality is at the core of our Midrasha values. We make it a priority to include and welcome all , and do everything we can to make Midrasha a sweet experience for our teens. This is why we give a fresh pineapple to every new teen that attends as a welcome into our community!


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How Do I Sign Up?

For dozens of Contra Costa 8th-12th graders, Midrasha is their home-away-from-home and favorite place to connect with like-minded teens. We encourage you to learn more and join us for cultural exploration, engaging activities, relaxation, and fun in the 2023/2024 school year! Register below, or contact us at email address.

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What's Happening: August/Sept


8th Grade Orientation:  8/30

Meetings:  9/6 (Opening Night!), 9/13, 9/20, 9/27

Hamsa Fund: 9/10

Better Together: 9/11, 9/24

Impact Builder: 9/2310/8


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