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  • Devra C. Aarons

The Magic of Mifgash

This past Shabbat I got a lovely call from CCM alum parent, Jodi Oronsky. Her son Isaac joined us for both the Summer and Winter Mifgash in 2019. During those journeys, Isaac bonded deeply with his Israeli host, Dan, and his family. They've stayed in touch, but over the last year with Isaac at college and Dan in the IDF, they haven't had time to talk. As it turns out, this Fall Isaac's brother is at Heller High in Hod HaSharon, where Dan's family lives. On one of his first nights out, Ben was at the Israeli market with friends from Heller High when he was approached by a stranger, asking, "Are you related to Isaac?" It was Dan's father who recognized Ben, because "he looks so much like Isaac!" That Shabbat Ben went to Dan's family for dinner. Since then everyone has reconnected deeply. Ben returned to Dan's family for Rosh Hashanah this past weekend, Isaac and Dan have reconnected via text and - later this Fall Jodi and her husband Carl (Isaac and Ben's parents) are going to visit Ben in Israel where they will stay with Dan's family. During our conversation on Friday, I could hear the joy of this connection in Jodi's voice. In a way, it feels like a miracle - something that can only happen in Israel. And yet, this is what we wanted for Mifgash. For the connections to Israel and Israelis to deepen, to continue, and to enliven our lives and the lives of our Israeli friends. It was hard to imagine this type of impact when we began this program in 2019, but now we understand how these connections continue to build beyond us. May connections like this continue into the future and into 5784!

Photo of Ben and Dan's Family at Shabbat:

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